PHOTO: RG3 shirt that you shouldn't buy your favorite Washington fan

You can buy this Redskins shirt in Ocean City, Md. (Twitter)
You can buy this Redskins shirt in Ocean City, Md. (Twitter)

If you're a Washington Redskins fan and you're looking for something to wear to FedEx Field this fall that won't offend anyone, you shouldn't buy this shirt. Actually, no one should buy this shirt.

Despite all the controversy surrounding the Redskins name, a store in Ocean City, Md., thought it would be a good idea to sell a t-shirt that mashed together Robert Griffin's face with the Redskins logo. 

The amazing thing here is that, not only did this idea have to go through several phases before production started, but no one objected to anything at any point. First, someone had to create the actual design, then that design had to get OK'd, then the design had to be put on a t-shirt, then that t-shirt had to be mass produced, then a store had to agree to sell the mass produced t-shirt. 

However, it seems that not many stores jumped on the 'half RG3-half Redskin' shirt bandwagon. The Twitter user who posted the photo of the shirt noted that he only found one store selling the RG3 shirt, but he found several stores selling the 'half Chris Davis-half Oriole' shirt below. 

(Wink of the CBS Eye to Ryan Kelly on Twitter, who took the picture of the shirt)

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