PHOTO: Tim Tebow was a $400 'Jeopardy' answer

Please answer in the form of a question. (Twitter/@xmasape)
Please answer in the form of a question. (Twitter/@xmasape)

Who is Tim Tebow? 

That's not just a metaphorical question I ask myself before bed every night anymore, it's now a Jeopardy answer. Well, it's a question, but as we all know, the question is the answer on Jeopardy.

In a category about touchdowns on Wednesday, Tebow was the $400 answer. 

If you'll notice in the wording of the clue at the top of the page, Jeopardy uses the word 'miracle.' Even game shows realize what a magical season Tebow had with the Broncos

Anyway, because you're wondering, here are the rest of the answers from the category: 

$200: Who is Drew Brees?

$400: Who is Tim Tebow?

$600: Who is Franco Harris?

$800: Who are the Giants?

$1000: Who is Joe Montana?

The group completely whiffed on the $800 clue, which basically said, 'This was the team that beat the Patriots in Super bowl XLVI.'

Oh, and it's probably worth mentioning, this wasn't Tebow's first time as a Jeopardy answer. He was also an answer in February 2013. They seem to like him over at Jeopardy.

(Wink of the CBS Eye to @xmasape on Twitter)

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