PHOTOS: Aaron Rodgers celebrates with Wisconsin after Sweet 16 win

Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan is a man of many faces. (Twitter/@BadgerMBB)
Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan is a man of many faces. (Twitter/@BadgerMBB)

What's the best way to celebrate a Sweet 16 win?

If you're the Wisconsin Badgers, the answer is: let Aaron Rodgers in your locker room so everyone can take pictures with him. That's exactly what happened after the Badgers 69-52 win over Baylor.

Rodgers went into the locker room and coach Bo Ryan's face seemed to sum up how everyone on the team felt, 'HOLY SMOKES AARON RODGERS IS IN OUR LOCKER ROOM. LETS TAKE PICTURES.'

The Packers quarterback was in no hurry to go anywhere, as you can see below, he took pictures with pretty much anyone who wanted one. However, it's not clear if he gave the Badgers a patented Aaron Rodgers discount double-check. 

Rodgers also stopped to make a Wisconsin 'W' with his hands, just in case anyone wasn't sure who he was rooting for.

Rodgers couldn't stay in the Badgers locker room forever though, he eventually had to leave, "We all made him uncomfortable staring at him," guard Josh Gasser told USA Today

Oh and Rodgers might have gone to Cal, but he's in Wisconsin now, so there's no harm in cheering for the home team. Also, since he did go to Cal, Rodgers probably wasn't too sad to see Cal's rival Stanford go down on Thursday.

Anyway, back to Wisconsin though, here's a video of the Badgers celebrating. 

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