Pick Six Podcast: Brady Quinn pumps the brakes on Bears, Patrick Mahomes bandwagons

The offseason is all about hype and optimism and excitement. There isn't a team in the NFL right now who doesn't think it has a viable chance at making the playoffs. Seriously: even the Cleveland Browns can make a run if everything breaks right. 

On today's Pick Six Podcast -- CBS Sports NFL pod that's in your inbox Monday through Friday by 6 a.m. ET, subscribe: via iTunes | via Stitcher | via TuneIn | via Google Play -- friend of the program Brady Quinn (follow him on Twitter @3rd_Goal) drops by to talk about the Browns and other teams who are extremely hyped this offseason. 

More specifically, the Chicago Bears and the Kansas City Chiefs (and even more specifically, the Chiefs quarterback). Two questions I posed to him stood out to me with the way he answered:

Are the Bears the Rams?

"Oh no, no. I'm not there with this team. The Bears don't have any player on their roster that can even come close to Aaron Donald," Quinn points out. "And defensively they're devoid of having another edge rusher opposite of Leonard Floyd. That's going to be an issue in my mind. For Vic Fangio, there's a reason why they kept him around -- he's that good a defensive mind, and he was able to maximize their defense last year with what they had. They're a team that is ... there's a void of talent in certain spots."

"They don't have the depth of a team like the Eagles has. And on top of it, it's the first year for an offense with a quarterback. You've got all these new pieces -- Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel, second-round draft pick Anthony Miller out of Memphis. They've all got to figure out this offense, on top of their quarterback developing that chemistry. You've got a first-year head coach on top of it, and you've got an interesting dynamic of Mark Helfrich, who's [never been] an offensive coordinator at an NFL level. 

"All those factors kind of playing into working with a quarterback who only started one year of college and not a full year in the NFL. He's still green. He's still growing and getting better. So all those things amount to them not being able to win as many games as some people are projecting."

Could Patrick Mahomes be the best QB in the AFC West after 2018?

"It's a great question because there are many interesting dynamics that are a part of this," Quinn said. "For starters, Philip Rivers, if he's still playing, is the best quarterback in that division. So that's false. Could Mahomes end up being better than Case Keenum? Yes, that's very likely, so he's better than what Denver has on their roster probably. And then there's Derek Carr and Jon Gruden. What kind of relationship does that evolve into this season? Can Jon Gruden, who hasn't coached in the NFL in what feels like forever, bring out the best in Derek Carr or could it just go up in a ball of flames? Either way, I think I'd still give Derek Carr the edge over Mahomes, having only seen him start one game.

"I'm just not on the hype train of this team. I know they have weapons, but let's not forget this defense has lost a lot of pieces. I don't think they're going to recoup what they had, even with Eric Berry coming back healthy. Marcus Peters is a heck of a talent, tough guy to move on from. Tamba Hali gone. Justin Houston's there, but Dee Ford hasn't necessarily been what they hoped he would be. 

"That's a team that I think could potentially end up taking a step back in the AFC West."

We also talk about:

The NFLPA filed a grievance against the NFL over the anthem policy.

Jerry Richardson's statue staying up in front of Bank of America Stadium.

Will the Eagles make the playoffs? I've gotten some guff over it and Brady annihilated me (22:30 mark).

The Cleveland Browns' chances of finishing second in the AFC North.

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