Brian Dawkins on Steelers criticizing Le'Veon Bell: 'Don't talk about another man's money'

The Eagles and Falcons kick off the season on Thursday night, so to celebrate the occasion, we got one former Eagles player (Brian Dawkins, now in the Hall of Fame) and one current Eagles player (Jay Ajayi) to join the Pick Six Podcast, CBS Sports daily NFL podcast (subscribe: via iTunes | via Stitcher | via TuneIn | via Google Play). 

Dawkins, who was appearing on behalf of USAA while doing an NFL kickoff event that connects military veterans with NFL legends, had a lot of interesting things to say about Philly, obviously, but his comments about Le'Veon Bell also struck home with me. Asked about the Steelers players criticizing Bell for not showing up on Wednesday, Dawkins said teammates should never "talk about another man's money."

"I never do that with my teammates. When you have an opportunity to bless your family for generations to come in your occupation, I never ever beat my -- I didn't beat Duce [Staley] up when he held out a little bit, I didn't beat Brian Westbrook up when he did a little something. There's a couple of guys who might not have been around -- I never beat them up. That's a part of the business, man," Dawkins said. "You can't play it both ways, you can't say a guy needs to sacrifice for the team but then he has to take a paycut later on. That's a part of the business the NFL has agreed with the players as part of the CBA that you can do these things. Obviously they're going to have to pay some fines, but if that's something they feel is best for them, then that's what they do.

"I don't agree with other players talking about another man's money. I don't talk about another man's money. You don't know what that man may need the money for to bless to who. I'm going to tell you to come back, play the game and miss out on an opportunity to make an extra, what, $5 or $6 million that could bless generations to come? No. No, I'm not going to do that to another man's money. I never will."

Strong words from the Hall of Famer -- and a good point too. It could cause dissension and you can never know exactly WHY someone is trying to max out their revenue (outside of the obvious part of just trying to make the most money possible). 

For Dawkins full comments, plus the Ajayi interview and a breakdown of the latest on Bell's situation, listen to the full interview below.

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