Pick Six Podcast: Could Russell Wilson be angling for free agency after new CBA?

He may not have been among this offseason's top free agents, but could Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson hit the market in a few years?

CBS Sports' Will Brinson doesn't think it's out of the realm of possibility.

Days after the former Super Bowl MVP joked about rumors of a future with the New York Giants on "The Tonight Show," Brinson discussed the possibility of Wilson actually leaving the Seahawks on Thursday's Pick Six Podcast. Joined by John Breech to break down the best and worst free agency performances, as well as more Pittsburgh Steelers drama and March Madness picks, Brinson suggested that the NFL's next collective bargaining agreement could play into Wilson's relationship with Seattle.

"It's very obvious that Russell believes that he will be the highest-paid quarterback" once his current contract expires, Brinson said. "I don't know if the Seahawks would be willing to make him that ... (and) Russell's agent understands the new CBA is coming up."

Depending on potential league protocol changes that stem from a new CBA, Brinson added, Wilson could find himself as an unprecedented free agent rather than, say, a trade candidate or a lifelong Seahawk.

"Maybe you play 2019 under contract, play 2020 on the (franchise tag) and then see what happens," he said. "Maybe the new CBA says you can only be tagged once. He would (then) be a completely un-tethered free agent. He'd be able to go play anywhere he wanted. He would make $50 million a year if he could do that."

Catch the entire breakdown of Wilson rumors, plus more on 2019 free agency, Le'Veon Bell's parting shots at Pittsburgh and NCAA tournament picks on Thursday's episode (below) and make sure to subscribe to the Pick Six Podcast to get a daily NFL pod sent straight to your phone.

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