Pick Six Podcast: How the Seahawks can save Russell Wilson and their offense in 2018

We're fully embedded into offseason mode, moving away from the draft and towards training camp. It's a long way down the road, relatively speaking, but it's also not too far away to start asking questions about certain teams. For instance, what will the Seahawks' offense look like in 2018? 

No one knows, because there is so much changing. Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett are the only sure things in terms of pass catchers, Rashaad Penny was added to own the backfield in the draft and Brian Schottenheimer replaced Darrell Bevell as offensive coordinator. It's not unreasonable to expect them to struggle a little bit.

Unless they just unleash Russell Wilson anyway. That's what Pete Prisco proposed as the solution to the Seahawks' problem on the most recent addition of the Pick Six Podcast -- CBS Sports daily NFL pod that's about 30 minutes long and perfect for your commute/gym trip, subscribe here: via iTunes | via Stitcher | via TuneIn | via Google Play

Pete is also confused by what the Seahawks are, but wants Russell to play "fast and loose" and run an up-tempo offense. 

"What do they want to do? Where's that team evolving to? They drafted the runner in the first round, [Rashaad] Penny, who's a good back but still way too high for him. You can't run the ball and play good defense any more. Bottom line," Prisco said. "You're talking about an offense that wasn't great to begin with and you take Jimmy Graham and Paul Richardson off the offense. They should play fast and let Russell Wilson play fast. Play loose and fast. If you're going to take Penny, use him, make him a guy who can help open up the passing game. Be a creative offense playing up-tempo.

"I'm telling you, he's a much better quarterback when he plays fast and loose and free. And they do it in the fourth quarter -- and everyone goes, oh, look at how he he in the fourth quarter when they come back, it's because he's playing fast and loose and free. That's what they should become. They won't, because I don't think Pete Carroll's going to do that, but that's what they should become."

Looking at Wilson's stats, Pete is spot on in terms of how he performs late. His fourth-quarter stats are bananas. Here's his performance by quarter in 2017:

QuarterAtt/Comp (%)Passing YardsTD-INTYards/Attempt


69/119 (58)





92/151 (60.9)





84/144 (58.3)





94/139 (67.6)




Last year things flipped for Wilson. He attempted 297 passes while trailing and 138 passes while ahead. He attempted only 22 passes while ahead by 9-16 points, versus 62 in 2016, 93 in 2015, 98 in 2014 and 74 in 2013. (He attempted 12 such passes in 2012, but he was a rookie then.) 

The Seahawks are probably going to try and ground/pound things and play defense, but Prisco might be onto something here. Allowing Wilson to play up tempo would not only mitigate some of the personnel issues they have on offense in terms of a lack of weapons and a weakened offensive line, but it could also ease the burden on the defense to keep them in games. 

Listen to the full show below for our full breakdown of Seattle plus more (see rundown below) and don't forget to subscribe here: via iTunes | via Stitcher | via TuneIn | via Google Play

1. Dez Bryant to the Packers/Saints?

"I think the Packers could be in play, but I know this for a fact -- they like some of their younger receivers. Rodgers could handle him though," Prisco said. "Brees could handle him as well. Dez Bryant's one of those guys who wants the football, when he doesn't get it, he's going to be angry about it, so you need a strong-willed quarterback to handle him.

"I still think Seattle could be in play on him and could make a lot of sense to me."

2. How can the Seahawks fix Russell Wilson?

3. Adrian Peterson returning to the Saints?

4. Re-grading the 2015 NFL Draft

"I liked the Philip Dorsett move by the Colts, what an idiot I was," Prisco said. "I didn't like the Todd Gurley move by the Rams, what an idiot I was." Hard to argue, Pete! 

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