Pick Six Podcast: How the Steelers will handle Le'Veon Bell, fill the Ryan Shazier void

The Pittsburgh Steelers presented a bizarre situation for fans of their team last year: a 13-3 club that easily won its division and still managed to be a massive disappointment. How did the Steelers fall so short? To break it down and to look at their prospects in 2018, as well as to discuss other things of great import, Dave Dameshek of NFL Media joined me on the Pick Six Podcast, your daily dose of NFL podcast delivered right to your app each morning, subscribe here: via iTunes | via Stitcher | via TuneIn | via Google Play.

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The two biggest issues facing the Steelers this year are the Le'Veon Bell situation -- the star running back was franchise tagged again, but remains very much away from the team and unsigned -- and the loss of Ryan Shazier -- the star linebacker who suffered a nasty spinal injury last year and is still working his way through the rehabilitation process.

"He's such a distinct athlete, you wouldn't be able to just replicate what he was able to do on that defense. They will try several people to try and fill that void. You'll see more defensive backs -- you always hear about the hybrid guys ... I think they'll try a little of that. I think the secondary will be much improved from where it was last year. Mike Mitchell had an especially crummy season for them. Morgan Burnett, as long as he's out there, shores things up a little bit. Sean Davis out there, at this point in his career, hopefully does the same."

As Dameshek noted, the Steelers fell prey to his patented "Jenga Theory," which essentially posits that many teams have a single player who cause the whole endeavor to collapse if you take them off the field. When Shazier went down, the Steelers defense went down with it -- their statistical production was night and day before and after Shazier was injured. 

We also dive into how the Steelers will handle the Le'Veon Bell situation, whether the Steelers will go over or under 10.5 wins in 2018 (Shek has, rather remarkably, nailed the Steelers exact record six years in a row now), why rose is a perfectly acceptable drink for anyone in the summertime and much more. 

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