Pick Six Podcast: It's Mock Draft Monday, so we broke down the first round for all 32 NFL teams

Now that the NFL season is over, it's time to begin speculating endlessly for next season. One of the main things that entails? Mock drafts! Even though free agency isn't upon us yet -- and free agency will give a much clearer picture on what teams' needs are -- there's a rough outline. If we assume teams then draft by best player in the first round, a rough outline of how the draft will play out can start to take shape.

Naturally, things change over time, so the Pick Six Podcast will be doing a weekly mock draft on Mondays to keep a finger on the pulse of what NFL teams are thinking. Chip Patterson and Ryan Wilson joined Will Brinson this week to discuss who'll be going where.

The first thing that jumps out from this year's draft: Defensive line-needy teams are going to have a field day. Ed Oliver, Rashan Gary and Nick Bosa are all high-level draft picks. Will Brinson puts Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins to the Giants at No. 6 overall, and Patterson says that Haskins is easily the best quarterback in this draft. The time is now for the Giants to start thinking about the future, and the only way this likely changes in mocks is if Haskins moves up on the big board.

The guys also discuss Kentucky's Josh Allen, namely if there would be any concern that his stellar play doesn't continue in terms of turning it on every single play.

Patterson said he's not concerned about Allen, but "the concern would be that he was a 2-star recruit, and he's a system linebacker, if that makes sense." But again, Patterson's not concerned. "He's a stud. Unlike Quinnen Williams, (Allen's) been consistent for two and a half years. There's something to be said for that."

You can listen to the full mock by listening to the link below, and subscribe to the podcast to hear more mocks as the offseason wears on. It may be the offseason for the NFL, but NFL coverage never stops.

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