Pick Six Podcast: Patriots are still underappreciated as sports' biggest outlier

Ask any casual NFL fan -- or random person, for that matter -- about the New England Patriots, and the response will usually be the same.

Isn't that the team that's always in the Super Bowl?

Why, yes. Yes, it is. They've been in nine of the last 17 title games, to be exact. And both quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick have been around for five separate Super Bowl victories. That's as many as some of the greatest NFL franchises have racked up in their entire history, not to mention far more than most NFL teams have ever won.

If you ask CBS Sports' Will Brinson and Jason La Canfora, however, New England's dynasty is still often undersold.

Joining the Pick Six Podcast a little more than a week before the Pats' next Super Bowl appearance, La Canfora explained why the Brady and Belichick regime is so unprecedented in its success.

"It shouldn't happen in any era, much less this era," La Canfora said. "It was set up to prevent this. That's why, when the league adopted free agency ... (and ) all these other mechanisms, (they) are designed to pull everybody to the middle, and these guys are the ultimate outliers at a time where it should be more difficult than ever, in the history of probably any sport, to be an outlier."

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Unlike the NBA, where "one generational player can carry you a little bit more," or other major sports leagues, the NFL is essentially "corporate socialism for billionaires," La Canfora said, referring to the emphasis on parity among team powers.

"Yet these guys reinvent themselves," he said of the Patriots. "It won't be fully appreciated until a decade from now. As great as (Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick) Mahomes is, he's not going to go to eight straight championships."

Catch the entire breakdown of the Patriots legacy, plus some insight into gambling around the NFL, on the podcast:

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