Pick Six Podcast, Preseason Week 1 Recap: The Browns have a good QB situation at long last

Football feels like it's back! We had enough action flying on Thursday night -- 12 games in total -- that it was impossible to watch everything and following Twitter you constantly felt like you were missing something cool. Spoiler: you were! 

We fired up the podcast machine with John Breech and Ryan Wilson to break down everything that happened from the night before and a couple things stood out.

1. The Browns are ... good? Maybe not, but they appear to have a reasonable solution to their quarterback problem on hand in the form of Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield. Both guys looked sharp and Mayfield, in particular impressed, because he's a rookie and did not look overwhelmed. As Wilson points out, any Johnny Manziel comparisons should be tossed out the window if they weren't already. 

2. Andrew Luck is in better hands. We don't know if he's going to be good or healthy, but at the very least Frank Reich and his staff have put Luck in a position where they can ensure he isn't killed by the start of the regular season. That's an improvement from the last staff. 

3. Josh Allen is going to be great and terrible all at the same time. He can certainly throw from every platform.

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For real, Allen looked very sharp at times and threw some incredible whizzing passes that show why you take him early in the draft. He just has to harness everything.

4. Derrius Guice's injury! HOLD YOUR BREATH. 

5. I'm all in on the Titans

6. Breech promises to get a tattoo if the Bengals win a playoff game.

All that plus much, much more. Football is back and this podcast is daily, so Subscribe: via iTunes | via Stitcher | via TuneIn | via Google Play. And listen to the full interview below.

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