Pick Six Podcast: The Jaguars are loaded, but will their window close after 2018?

The Jacksonville Jaguars were one win removed from a trip to Super Bowl LII in 2017, but how do they stack up against the rest of the AFC entering the new year? And even if they are among the conference's top contenders, what kind of championship window are they working with?

CBS Sports' Pete Prisco and Bryant McFadden teamed up on Tuesday's edition of the Pick Six Podcast (a daily, 30-minutes-or-so podcast on the NFL -- subscribe: via iTunes | via Stitcher | via TuneIn | via Google Playto answer those questions.

McFadden, who recalled many hard-fought games against the Jags from his own playing career, did not hesitate to echo Prisco's sentiment that Jacksonville "is loaded," especially with eight of their players ranked among Prisco's top 100 in the NFL. But he also cautioned that 2018 could be the do-or-die year for Jacksonville to make a run.

"This is their year to either get there," McFadden said, "or they won't (at all)."

Predicting that many of the Jags' major defensive pieces "won't be there in 2019," he said "eventually you're going to have pay the Myles Jacks of the world, your Jalen Ramseys of the world ... so you've got to make a run."

Prisco agreed but pointed out that Jacksonville has already begun preparing for life after certain veterans, such as by drafting Taven Bryan this year. And he said that a slew of circumstances -- from the team using "a bunch of nobodies" at wide receiver to the offensive line "kind of falling apart" -- also soured too many Jags fans on quarterback Blake Bortles, who could obviously be an X-factor in the team's hunt for a Super Bowl.

"Everybody likes to put it on Bortles," he said. "He's never going to be a star who can carry a team, but he can be good enough if everything around him's good enough."

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