Pick Six Podcast: Was Rob Gronkowski the key to the Patriots' last five Super Bowl trips?

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick often get most of the credit for the New England Patriots dynasty -- and deservedly so.

The Pats won their first Super Bowl back in 2001, after all, and it's the coach and quarterback duo that's remained the same ever since.

But with favorite Brady target Rob Gronkowski on his way out after a nine-year playing career, is it fair to wonder whether Gronk was actually the key to New England's most recent Super Bowl success -- or at least as much as Brady and Belichick?

According to CBS Sports' John Breech, the answer is: Absolutely.

"The dude was basically a once-in-a-generation tight end," Breech said on Monday's Pick Six Podcast. "If you break Tom Brady's career into two halves, Gronk was a big part why they won three Super Bowls and went to five Super Bowls (since 2011). You take Gronk off that team, they're not going to five Super Bowls in that span. Maybe two, maybe three (only) because of Belichick."

Gronk, of course, ends his NFL career as football's all-time leading receiver among TEs in the playoffs. Few players may have helped Brady's offense in the Patriots' three Super Bowl victories since 2011 more than him.

"I do absolutely think he is the best tight end in NFL history," Breech said.

Catch the Pick Six crew's entire breakdown of Gronkowski's NFL and Patriots legacy, plus discussion of Cam Newton's curious offseason plans and more news and notes from around the league on Monday's podcast:

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