It has become draft fact that the Arizona Cardinals will select Kyler Murray with the No. 1 overall pick and just figure things out later when it comes to how they'll handle Josh Rosen and possibly trading the quarterback they took with a top-10 pick last year. 

Not so fast my friends. CBS Sports Senior NFL Writer Pete Prisco joined me on the Pick Six Podcast Friday and told me the latest buzz out of Arizona has the Cardinals going in a different direction with the first-overall pick. 

"I'm starting to get more and more feeling from around people in the know that I don't think it's going to be Murray No. 1 overall," Prisco said.

Essentially, the Cardinals know they can't get a ton of value for Rosen and are not entirely sure that landing Murray will immediately guarantee success for them on the field. In fact, Prisco hears it was primarily an ownership push that caused the Murray-to-the-Cards rumors to really pop up in heated fashion. The belief is Murray could be for the Cardinals what Baker Mayfield was for the Browns, an injection of life into a currently moribund franchise, a guy who can crank up ticket sales and get people excited about the upcoming season. 

According to Prisco, the feedback received with the trial balloon wasn't that great, which could have the Cardinals going in a different direction with their top pick. 

Even that selection might not be a layup -- Prisco is penciling in Quinnen Williams to Arizona in his most recent mock. 

"I'm doing my latest mock draft and I've got Quinnen Williams going No. 1 overall," Prisco continued. "I think it's going to come down between Quinnen Williams and Nick Bosa."

Two things here. One, if the Cardinals indeed do go in a difference direction than quarterback, it shows they believe in Josh Rosen and it means they were just smokescreening us all along. It also means we can stop talking about Josh Rosen trade rumors (he'll reportedly participate in Cardinals offseason activities). 

There's a long way until the draft, but the blind assumption that the Cardinals would take Murray -- just one year after we completely ignored the idea the Browns would take Baker Mayfield -- might have gotten a little out of control.

Two, how far could Murray fall if the Cardinals don't take him first? Barring a trade, he won't go second or third. The Raiders could absolutely take him fourth overall and it would be some CRAZY drama if Jon Gruden was on the clock planning to take a defensive player then saw Murray drop into his lap. 

The Giants could take Murray, but does anyone believe Kyler is the type of quarterback Dave Gettleman will fall in love with? I do not. We could see him slip out of the top 10. It's not likely, but it's certainly possible. 

In other words, there's drama yet to unfold in this draft. For all the latest news and notes make sure to subscribe to the Pick Six Podcast and get a daily dose of NFL delivered right to your podcast inbox.