Pick Six Podcast: Why it makes sense for Eagles, Carson Wentz to wait until 2020 for a contract extension

It's no secret that the Philadelphia Eagles view Carson Wentz as their long-term answer at quarterback.

Personnel chief Howie Roseman said as much during the NFL owners meetings, telling reporters the team will ultimately look to give the former No. 2 overall draft pick a contract extension. The Eagles also wouldn't have allowed former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles to walk in free agency if not for their belief in Wentz, who was an MVP candidate in 2017 before suffering the first of his two career season-ending injuries.

When it comes to reaching a new deal, however, who's to say both sides won't wait until 2020 to commit to each other?

According to Brady Quinn and Will Brinson, that's a question that should be asked in advance of Wentz's anticipated return to the field.

"I think, as much as you say, 'Yeah, of course, spend it,' it sounds great in theory, but I think, if I am Carson Wentz, I might say to the team, regardless of what they throw at me ... I might want to wait," Quinn said on Thursday's Pick Six Podcast. "I wouldn't be so shocked if they didn't come to an agreement (in 2019)."

Brinson suggested that the Eagles might get "a little bit of a bargain" if they were to extend Wentz before 2019, considering the quarterback hasn't exactly been injury free since taking over as the face of the franchise in 2016. But he agreed that, ultimately, both Wentz and the Eagles might be best suited waiting until 2020 -- once the team can see Wentz stay healthy and once Wentz can show the team he's still worth their commitment.

And when that time comes, Quinn added, Wentz should look to set a record with his deal.

"His value, he should be aiming at $33 million (per season)," he said. "That number is only going to go up ... He should try to get four years of guarantees -- $130 million. Because that's market value."

Catch the entire discussion of Wentz's future with the Eagles, plus lots of talk about the NFL's new replay rules and other happenings around the league, on the podcast:

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