Pick Six Podcast: Would Bucs be smart to start Ryan Fitzpatrick over Jameis Winston?

We're one week into the 2018 NFL season, and already it's hard to decipher just who is and isn't for real.

The Green Bay Packers topped a monster start for Khalil Mack in Chicago by storming from behind to beat the Bears. The Pittsburgh Steelers failed to beat a team in the Cleveland Browns that had gone 1-31 over its last two years -- and they still didn't lose. The Atlanta Falcons repeated their 2017 mistakes by flopping in the red zone against the defending Super Bowl champions. Ryan Fitzpatrick, of all quarterbacks, smoked the New Orleans Saints in a blowout. And then on Monday night, the Detroit Lions got waxed at home by a rookie-led New York Jets team and the Oakland Raiders coughed up a chance to upset the Los Angeles Rams.

That's why CBS Sports NFL writer Sean Wagner-McGough and and former NFL quarterback Brady Quinn joined Will Brinson for Tuesday's edition of the Pick Six Podcast (a daily, 30-minutes-or-so podcast on the NFL -- subscribe: via iTunes | via Stitcher | via TuneIn | via Google Play-- to review the roller coaster of "Monday Night Football," to figure out which teams are rising and which ones are falling after Week 1, and to debate whether Fitzpatrick actually makes sense as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' starter.

Also, can the Bears be trusted after Sunday night's collapse? Who lost out more in Week 1's tie -- the Browns or Steelers? Are Joe Flacco and the Ravens as improved as they look? Is it a stretch to suggest the Dallas Cowboys could be picking in the top 10?

Brinson, Quinn and Wagner-McGough go deep to discuss.

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