Pittsburgh DA won't look into Antonio Brown sexual assault allegations after hinting he would

A district attorney in Pennsylvania has clarified that he will not be looking into the sexual assault allegations that have been made against Antonio Brown after originally saying that he would. 

In a statement to Pittsburgh media that was made early Wednesday afternoon, Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala had said that his office was going to look into the sexual assault allegations that had been made against Brown. However, it appears there was some serious confusion from the DA's office, because Zappala is now backtracking on his original comments. 

In a new statement, the district attorney's office said he wasn't talking about the sexual assault allegations when he mentioned that he would look into the charges. 

"The incident that DA Zappala referenced earlier today involving Northern Regional Police Department contacting our office concerning Antonio Brown did not involve the incident mentioned in the federal lawsuit that has been filed," the statement said, via WTAE in Pittsburgh. "That contact instead involved a conversation that our office had with N. Reg. PD concerning a possible child endangerment situation involving Mr. Brown. The result of that conversation was a decision that we could not move forward with investigating that claim."

The reason Zappala was even commenting on the case at all is because one of the alleged assaults took place in Pennsylvania. 

If Zappala does decide to look into Brown's case, that would just be standard procedure, according to the DA's office. 

"This office, as a matter of course, will review information in a federal lawsuit whenever that information references potential criminal activity, even if that activity had not been previously known to law enforcement," the DA's office said in a statement to KDKA in Pittsburgh. "Another example of this would be a federal civil rights lawsuit filed against a police officer or department alleging behavior on the part of the officer or the department that was not previously known."

In the lawsuit, Brown is accused of sexually assaulting a female acquaintance, Britney Taylor, on three separate occasions between June 2017 and May 2018. Of the three accusations, two of them allegedly took place in Florida and one took place in Pennsylvania.

The incident in Pennsylvania allegedly took place at Brown's home in June 2017. Here are the details of the alleged incident as described in the lawsuit

"[Taylor] was getting dressed in an upstairs bathroom when Brown walked in with his penis exposed. She immediately covered her eyes with her hands and walked out of the bathroom. Brown then grabbed and kissed her without her consent. Ms. Taylor pushed him away and immediately left the room. Brown's actions made Ms. Taylor extremely uncomfortable. She was in a long-term and serious relationship with another man and had no interest in a sexual relationship with Brown."

Although Brown's legal team has admitted that the two had a sexual relationship, his camp maintains that everything was consensual between Brown and Taylor. 

The NFL is currently investigating the situation, and for now, the Patriots receiver is allowed to practice and play in games while that investigation is going on. However, the league could eventually place Brown on the commissioner's exempt list, which would basically put him on paid leave and keep him from playing until the investigation is complete. 

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