P.J. Hairston says he and Josh Gordon swapped cars at grocery store

As CBSSports.com's Will Brinson reported earlier this week, Browns receiver Josh Gordon was pulled over for DWI and speeding earlier this month while driving the car of Hornets forward P.J. Hairston.

Now, Hairston told the Charlotte Observer that the reason Gordon was using his car was because the two had decided to swap vehicles at a grocery store earlier in the day.

"Me and Josh Gordon met at the Fresh Market in Chapel Hill,” Hairston said. “I walked there to get food and happened to run in to him in there.

“I am a football fan so I knew who he was. Right away, we started talking about football, basketball and we walked outside. He saw my car and asked me ‘What are you doing?’ He asked if I minded if we switched cars and we exchanged numbers and he was going to drive my car that night and bring it back to me.

“I said OK and we switched cars. The rest of that is history.”

It's the kind of history that could end the career of Gordon, who was already facing a year-long suspension before his latest legal transgression.

Recently, Hairston was accused of punching a high school basketball player at a pickup game.

As Brinson explained:

The record from Gordon's arrest show him driving a 2015 GMC Yukon, registered to Samuel Peterson Hairston, Jr., AKA. "P.J." Hairston was drafted with the 26th overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft by the Charlotte Hornets (via the Miami Heat) less than two weeks ago.

Additionally, Gordon was bonded out ($500) of Wake County jail by Haydn "Fats" Thomas. If the name sounds familiar, it should: Thomas and Hairston were linked when the former UNC basketball star was arrested recently, with Hairston claiming Thomas loaned him the car.

Records obtained by CBSSports.com show Gordon blew a 0.09 (0.08 is North Carolina's legal limit) when pulled over by Raleigh Police.

Said Hairston on Thursday: "Once I realized that [Gordon] had connections with people that got me in trouble in the past, I figured it would probably be a problem."

Josh Gordon apparently wanted to take P.J. Hairston's car for a spin. (USATSI)
Josh Gordon apparently wanted to take P.J. Hairston's car for a spin. (USATSI)
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