Podcast: Here's how Saquon Barkley could fall out of top 10, more 2018 NFL Draft rumors

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The 2018 NFL Draft is nearly upon us, and one thing is certain: Saquon Barkley will go in the top 10 picks. OR WILL HE? No, seriously, will he? It sure seems like a logical conclusion, but as Pete Prisco and I discussed on the most recent edition of the Pick Six Podcast, it's hardly guaranteed that a running back goes that early. 

Not because Barkley isn't good. He's great. He could be a Pro Bowl player in his first season or two. But the economics of this draft could create a situation where Barkley drops. 

There are two big spots for him, with the first being the Giants at No. 2. Prisco doesn't see it happening, even after Giants GM Dave Gettleman took Christian McCaffrey No. 8 for the Panthers last year. 

"I don't think the Giants are going to take a running back. I think Dave Gettleman is too smart to take the running back," Prisco said. "That would be a good fit for him, though, if you're going to put a running back with one of those top teams."

Also, asked about the idea of Barkley being a "near perfect prospect," Pete said "it goes back to what I said earlier -- it's why he's one of the most overrated players, nobody's perfect and we've seen these backs bust."

Pete was referring to a discussion about his "2018 Worse-Than Team." 

"So I decided to do a Worse-Than Team. I just put 10 guys on it," Prisco said. "And it's coming on Tuesday. And Saquon Barkley's on that team."


"I'm looking at the position value. But I also think we've gone overboard on this kid! They've turned him into a Walter Payton/Barry Sanders combo. He's a good player. I think he's going to be a really good player. But is he that much better than the other backs in this draft? I don't think so."

Prisco also dropped another name of a potential top-five player who will be on the list and could surprise some people (unless you're a frequent P6P listener anyway). 

We also discussed: 

1. Is James Harrison a Hall of Famer?

2. Was C.J. Anderson, now released by the Broncos, the worst mistake of John Elway's GM career so far? And where could Anderson land next? Could the Broncos be in play for Barkley at No. 5?

3. Eric Kendricks signed an extension with the Vikings -- was it a smart deal? And would you rather have the Vikings or Jaguars defense next year?

4-6. SMOKE OR FIRE? Pete and I played a game where I throw out a draft rumor and he decides if it has actual legs or not. Josh Rosen falling, the Patriots taking a QB early, Sean Payton hates this draft class and much much more. 

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