Police officer assaulted, two people stabbed at Eagles' Super Bowl victory parade

In the wake of the spontaneous celebrations that broke out in Philadelphia following the Eagles' victory over the Patriots in Super Bowl LII -- which included everything from folks overcoming greased-up light poles to surviving collapsing awnings -- Mayor Jim Kenney warned the "knucklehead contingent" responsible for much of the mayhem to stay home for the Eagles' Super Bowl celebration parade on Thursday.

And for the most part, they did. Of course, it's estimated that some 700,000 revelers attended the parade. And the laws of probability (and alcohol) suggest not everyone in attendance would be law-abiding citizens.

City officials said two people were stabbed, a police officer was assaulted and four police vehicles were damaged during the parade, reports the Associated Press. A Jumbotron also fell down after fans climbed on it.

On Friday, Philadelphia Police Department commissioner Richard Ross conceded that there were some "small hiccups" during the parade, which started at 11 a.m. ET and lasted more than two hours, and that the two stabbing victims survived. Ross also said there were two arrests, both for assault.

In general, however, the occasion was a festive one and will be remembered for Jason Kelce's epic speech and Doug Pederson's ability to catch flying beer cans.

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