Does the success of Moore and Clemens in college equate to NFL success?(Getty Images)

One of the most difficult things to do in life is the move from college football to the NFL.

Another one of the most difficult things to do in life? Predict whether or not someone who was successful in college football will be successful in the NFL.

That's what the experts on CBS Sports Network's "Inside College Football Draft Special: Prospect or Suspect?" will be trying to do Tuesday at 7 p.m. ET however.

And we'd love to have you help us make the prediction as to whether someone will succeed or not.

Sometimes the biggest winners in the history of college football -- see: Kellen Moore -- aren't expected to do well in the NFL. But could Moore succeed? Yeah, of course. He's just got an uphill battle.

Sometimes one of the biggest winners in college football -- see: Tim Tebow -- gets drafted like a star, treated like a pariah, turned into a messiah, and then shipped out of town anyway. 

Sometimes a record-breaking college football player -- see: Case Keenum -- doesn't turn out to be a great pro prospect. We think. Maybe.

We want your input as to whether or not some of the guys mentioned above -- as well as some other players like LaMichael James, David Wilson, Alshon Jeffrey, and Orson Charles -- will succeed in the NFL.

You can give us that input by voting in the polls to the right.