Poll: Joe Flacco not elite quarterback

NEW ORLEANS --- Elite.

It’s a word that lives in infamy here on NFL Monday QB since our very own Phil Simms declared that Eli Manning was not an elite quarterback.

"When I hear the word elite, I'm thinking about guys that can make unbelievable plays on the field by themselves," he said on CBS Sports Network's NFL Monday QB.

Simms’ words set the sports world on fire and made him rather exasperated with the word.

“We're splitting hairs here,” Simms said on the show. “I get it asked all the time, ‘Is so and so elite?' I go, ‘Oh my gosh, please, somebody stick a needle in my eye.' I'm just tired of answering it and hearing it. So I said it. Sorry it's caused a little firestorm, but that's the context I said it in.”

As if we haven’t gotten enough of the word, on the eve of Super Bowl XLVII we have to ask the question, ‘Is Joe Flacco an elite quarterback?’ We didn’t want to ask Simms because we’re sure he would have gone bananas. Instead, we asked America in a Facebook poll. Thousands of you answered and here are the results.

Out of 24,601 votes:

- 65 percent of voters said Joe Flacco was not an elite quarterback.

- Out of all the states in America, Maryland and Delaware were the only states where more than half of the people thought Flacco was elite. This makes sense since Flacco is a product of the Delaware-Maryland area. The Ravens QB was born in New Jersey, attended the University of Pittsburgh and University of Delaware.

- It seems New England Patriot fans are still bitter about the AFC Championship loss because their state had the most distaste for Flacco. An overwhelming 86 percent of Massachusetts said he was not elite.

- Apparently Flacco isn’t very popular with the older crowd. The older the voting demographic got, the less it voted for Flacco as an elite QB. The 35-49 crowd is particularly not fond of Flacco because 73 percent think he’s not elite.

So, is Flacco an elite quarterback? Make your voice heard in the comment section below or on Twitter @NFLMondayQB . Also make sure to check out more Super Bowl XLVII photos on our Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also follow Adena Andrews on Twitter @adena_andrews.

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