Popeyes continued its marketing campaign with two of the NFL's most recognizable players Sunday. Earlier this week, the fast food franchise announced that its highly-acclaimed chicken sandwich was making a return after a brief hiatus. 

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson and Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs are among the players to spread the word. Watson was hit in the eye last week and it was still bloodshot for the team's game in London Sunday. After the victory, the quarterback claimed it was the fast food chain that helped his eye heal.

"I'll tell you the key. The key is Popeyes' spicy chicken sandwiches that I ate this week that helped the eye," Watson said during his post-game interview with NFL Media.

Realistically speaking, a chicken sandwich did not aid the health of his cornea, but the Popeyes chicken sandwich is back and Watson wanted you to know about it. He was not alone. Diggs wore cleats adorning the image of the fast food franchise during pre-game warmups. 

The Popeyes chicken sandwich was a viral craze when it was first introduced in early August. Lines were long, employees were quitting and customers were posting signs from locations stating that the sandwich was sold out. By the end of the month, the sandwich was temporarily unavailable due to an influx of interest. Popeyes even encouraged fans to bring their own buns to the restaurant and pile on the chicken tenders. Now, the sandwich is said to be back for good as Popeyes has launched a full blown campaign. 

It started Sunday morning in London and carried over to the afternoon slate of games within the United States. 

Stay tuned to learn whether or not more players are joining the cause!