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Monday night's game between the Chicago Bears and Los Angeles Rams left a bettor thinking he won $1 million, until a change in the official statistics took the win away from him. 

Rob Huntze was celebrating a seven-figure DraftKings daily fantasy win when it was taken back from him. DraftKings showed Huntze had scored the most points out of the 175,000 entries to the contest, meaning he won $1 million. For half an hour, he was a million-dollar winner, but the NFL made a change to a ruling of a late sack and it resulted in a big change in his bank account as well.

On the play, Rams quarterback Jared Goff faked a handoff and ran with the ball. The Bears brought Goff down behind the line of scrimmage. But when the official scorer noticed receivers were blocking, the NFL made the decision to change the stat, and what was first recorded at as a sack was changed to a running play.

NFL spokesperson Michael Signora explained the situation, saying, "Plays such as this one are routinely discussed by the stats crew and updated accordingly. In this instance, because the play happened so close to the end of the game, it was reviewed by the stats crew and then updated prior to publishing the game summary, commonly referred to as the game book."

"Heartbreaking on many levels," Huntze told ESPN, after refreshing the page showed he was no longer at the top.

Huntze didn't go away empty handed, but he didn't come close to that $1 million number. Instead, he won $3,554. Better than nothing, but likely one of the major disappointments in his betting career.

He will go back to betting on football on Thursday, saying, "I want a little redemption story."