Prediction Machine: 1995 expansion Jaguars would beat 2013 Jaguars

Through four weeks of the NFL season, the Jacksonville Jaguars are winless. Not only are the Jaguars winless, but they've been outscored 129-31 through four games. The 2013 Jaguars are so bad, they couldn't even beat the 1995 expansion Jaguars, at least according

Before you scoff and say, 'The Prediction Machine doesn't know anything, it's just a dumb machine,' keep this in mind: the Prediction Machine is 44-19 picking NFL games this season. What I'm saying, is that the Prediction Machine knows all. 

Anyway, back to the Jaguars. According to the Prediction Machine, the 1995 expansion Jaguars would beat the 2013 Jaguars 64.1 percent of the time with an average final score of 19-14. 

In 1995, the expansion Jaguars also started 0-4, but that team rebounded to go 4-12. That is, if you call going 4-8 over your final 12 games rebounding. 

The 1995 Jaguars and the 2013 Jaguars have a few things in common. The 1995 team, led by quarterback Mark Brunell, averaged 174.4 passing yards per game. The 2013 team is averaging exactly 175 pass yards per game. Actually, that's all the two teams have in common. 

Besides Brunell, the 1995 Jags also had players like offensive lineman Tony Boselli, kick returner Desmond Howard and wide receiver Jimmy Smith

Of course, if the 2013 Jaguars can't beat the 1995 Jaguars, you can't possibly expect them to beat the 2013 Broncos. Las Vegas isn't expecting that, come Week 6, the Jags might be the biggest underdogs in NFL history. 

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