It's not unusual to see weird decisions made by businesses in advance of playoff games, and Primanti Bros., the famous sandwich shop in Pittsburgh, is no different. Except the chef at the restaurant doesn't seem to know the difference between fish and mammals.

In advance of the Steelers' wild-card game against the Dolphins on Sunday (1:05 p.m., CBS), the restaurant will cease serving all fish items on the menu.

From the Associated Press:

Toni Haggerty, the longtime cook there, says she just can't bring herself to make a fish sandwich while the Dolphins are on the Steelers' menu.

One problem here: DOLPHINS AREN'T FISH.

Haggerty kind of couched the situation by saying she won't support "anything that comes from the ocean."

Maybe you could argue fish and dolphin are kindred spirits. They do swim around in the same water, after all. But they are, scientifically speaking, entirely different creatures.

This is really the exact sort of thing you would expect from someone who throws french fries on top of a sandwich.