When putting together a list of the NFL's best players, there will always be players who could easily be on the list who were just left out.

Sometimes, they are young players on the way up. Other times, they are veterans coming off a bad season or an injury and might be on the downside of their careers, more name than game.

There were several players who were on my top-100 list at one point in the process this year, only to be moved off later on and on the final list. Here are five guys who came close to making my top-100 list, and I actually agonized taking them off.

He had his best season in 2015, catching 78 passes with 14 touchdown catches to become Russell Wilson's go-to guy. Baldwin had 10 touchdown catches in a four-game stretch starting in late November.

As the Seahawks threw the ball more, Baldwin stated a strong case as to why he's been a better player over the years than his numbers. His six-catch, 145-yard, three-touchdown game against the Steelers was truly impressive.

In the end, though, I kept him off the list because I want to see more. I have a feeling he will be on the top-100 next year.

Here's another player who was on the list and then taken off it. Butler impressed in his first year as a starter, adding to a year in which he was the Super Bowl hero the February before against Seattle.

I think he's cemented himself as the top corner on the Patriots, and with another impressive season, he should be on the list in 2017.

He had a re-birth in Buffalo after sitting out following the Bully-gate incident in Miami. He is a tough guy who never backs down on the field.

His battles with good defensive players are treats to watch. Pop in the tape of him going against Kansas City's Jaye Howard and you will see a nasty battle for the entire game. That's Incognito. He will mix it up.

I kept him off because I thought there were better guards, but he was close.

Turner is another guard who almost made it. I really came away from his 2015 season impressed with how much he improved from 2014, his rookie season.

He started 16 games in 2015 and earned a spot in the Pro Bowl. At 22 years of age, I would expect he would be on the list in 2017.

This veteran end was on the list, but he just missed. I hated doing that because he's such a good player. Avril had nine sacks for the Seahawks and two forced fumbles in 2015. He's also a good player against the run. He has 22 sacks in three seasons with Seattle and at 30 he still has a lot of good football in front of him.

Baldwin, Butler, Incognito, Turner and Avril didn't make the cut. USATSI