Pro Bowl will return to Hawaii in 2014

PHOENIX -- The Pro Bowl is back. It never left, actually, but Roger Goodell confirmed on Wednesday following the NFL owners meetings that the league would hold the all-star event in Hawaii again in 2014.

There was some speculation that the NFL would end the event, as players have complained about a lack of effort in recent years and it's been an unappealing event to watch, but it's also been wildly popular, drawing shockingly high ratings despite the complaints.

"We will play a game in Hawaii next year," Goodell said.

That doesn't mean the game is a lock for Hawaii going forward, however. Goodell said the league would consider moving around the location, but for at least next year it's in Hawaii and will take place on the Sunday before the Super Bowl.

"We're open-minded," Goodell said when asked about location moving forward. "Our agreement with Hawaii is just for next year. I'd expect we stay in Hawaii on [at least] a rotational basis."

One other possible twist in 2014 is the players "drafting" teams -- Goodell said that a pair of captains could conceivably choose their players (one would assume in a televised draft?) after the rosters were chosen through the standard process.

The commissioner mentioned specifically the idea of Eli Manning and Peyton Manning as captains, choosing sides.

Whether or not you're a fan of the Pro Bowl, that would provide an interesting level of drama that would beef up interest and, more than likely, player participation. We'll see if the league is willing to go forward with the idea immediatley, but at the very least we'll see a Pro Bowl again this year.

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