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On Saturday, Pro Football Hall of Fame president and executive director David Baker announced he was retiring. Baker, 68, has served in leadership since 2014 and headed several special projects which not only attracted more attention to professional football, but also gave back to the community.

Baker has removed himself from day-to-day operations, effective immediately, and released this statement:

"As I approach the end of nearly eight years of service to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, I have come to the conclusion that it is time for someone else to have the 'best job in the world' so I can still do a few more exciting things in my professional life while also returning home to our four children, 10 grandchildren and soon-to-be great grandson in Orange County, California, whom I've missed so much during my tenure at 'The Most Inspiring Place on Earth.'

"Accordingly, effective immediately, I am removing myself from all day-to-day operational responsibilities so my wife, Colleen, and I can begin our move home, but I'll still be available for ceremonial duties over the coming weeks ahead."

The Pro Football Hall of Fame also announced that chief marketing and communications officer Jim Porter had been named the new president of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Porter spent 33 years in journalism and was the CEO of GateHouse Ohio Media.

The statement provided by the Hall says that its board of trustees will continue to discuss the Hall's management structure, and who will take over duties that Baker performed -- including informing eligible candidates that they had been elected by using the famous "knock." 

"Few people combine vision, passion and dedication as completely as David Baker," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement. "In seven years as president and CEO of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, David expanded the Hall's brand nationally and footprint locally in Canton, Ohio. The growth he envisioned led to the expansion of the Hall of Fame, spread to downtown Canton and will continue to have a tremendous impact on the future of the Hall for decades to come.

"His mission to honor and support the heroes of the game will be one of his most lasting and important legacies. We are grateful for David's many contributions and extend our utmost thanks and best wishes to Colleen and him."