Raiders aren't only team with ridiculous mascot, all teams have one

Raiders Rusher some competition in the weird mascot department. (
Raiders Rusher has some competition in the weird mascot department. (

On Sunday, a terrifying picture started floating around the internet that had NFL fans questioning their fandom and Raiders fans looking for a place to hide, and Raiders fans never look for a place to hide. 

The picture was an image of 'Raider Rusher,' the new Oakland Raiders mascot. If you look at Mr. Raider Rusher -- or maybe it's a Mrs. Raider Rusher, I'm not going to judge -- two thoughts probably immediately popped in your head: why doesn't he/she have a torso, and do any of the other 32 NFL teams have a weird, creepy, torso-less mascot? 

The answer to the first question is I don't know, but the answer to the second question is YES. As part of the Nickelodeon kids show NFL Rush Zone, each team has had a mascot created that's similar to Raider Rusher. Here's the animated version of 'Raider Rusher.' 

You can see the Browns mascot at the top of the page and the Chiefs mascot at the bottom of the page. You can see the other mascots by going here

The only difference between the Raiders and the other 31 NFL teams is that the Raiders decided to make their animated mascot into an actual living, breathing, thing. Although, I'm really not sure if it's breathing because everything I know about biology tells me it doesn't have lungs.

And Raider Rusher will be at Raiders games. has reported that he's a real mascot and Deadspin is reporting that Raider Rusher will be hanging out in the kids' areas at O.Co Coliseum.

As for the Chiefs, if they make their mascot into a real thing, that might not go over so well with everyone. 

The Chiefs have a unique mascot too. (
The Chiefs have a unique mascot too. (
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