Raiders cut Martavis Bryant after trading third-round pick for receiver in April

The Raiders are not having a great Saturday. First they started the day by trading away star defensive end Khalil Mack to the Bears. They followed it up by landing AJ McCarron, which is a net positive, sort of. Then they topped it up on Saturday by, according to Dan Graziano of ESPN, deciding to cut Martavis Bryant

Yes, that's the same Bryant the Raiders traded for earlier this offseason, giving up a third-round pick during the first round of the draft. That pick was No. 79 overall, which the Steelers used to trade up and select rookie quarterback Mason Rudolph at No. 76. The Raiders have nothing to show for it now, having decided to move on from Bryant.

We should have seen this coming: Bryant is facing another potential suspension from the NFL, the news of which started bubbling up in June. Bryant had previously been suspended an entire season by the NFL and, upon returning, complained to the Steelers about his role and asking for a trade.

New Raiders coach Jon Gruden had previously made note that he wasn't thrilled with Bryant's offseason production and Bryant wasn't doing a very good job learning the playbook

The whole thing looked like a disaster from the start, another curious example of offseason decision making by Gruden since entering football after a decade-long hiatus. 

Now the Raiders are going to hang their offense on the production from Amari Cooper -- he of two 1,000-yard seasons before a down season in 2017 and serious problems with drops throughout his career --  and Jordy Nelson, a 33-year-old wideout cut by the Packers with an ACL injury in his past, to buoy the offense. Well, that and Marshawn Lynch (retired once already) and Doug Martin (cut by the Buccaneers). 

This is not me trying to be a jerk, but it's hard to figure out how the Raiders are going to be good in 2018. And it's hard to figure out exactly what Gruden's plan is right now. When he was coaching the Raiders and Bucs, people slung around third-round picks pretty casually. Now, while that pick is not a guaranteed starter or anything, it's considered a much more valuable commodity around the league in general. 

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