Raiders DC Jason Tarver flips officials the bird twice

Emotions run high during football games. Raiders defensive coordinator Jason Tarver had his get the best of him on Sunday when things didn't go his way late in the game. With Oakland leading the Steelers 21-3 -- in a game they'd eventually win 21-18 -- Tarver was unhappy with the calls from officials and fired the one-finger salute their way.

Twice, actually, as chronicled by Deadspin.

A GIF of the incident also proves that Tarver used some less-than-family-friendly language in the direction of the refs, dropping a big ole' F-bomb their way while shooting the bird.

Now, in all likelihood, the NFL was going to figure this out. They review a lot of film and check basically every play for penalties that are worth fining. (Also, if we saw it, you know the league saw it. It's pretty good about monitoring the product while it's being played.)

Just in case they might not have spotted Tarver's actions, Mike Pereira -- current Fox Sports referee fella, former NFL VP of Officiating and apparent political comedian -- called the league and let them know.

"It actually happened on the sideline and it wasn't by a player, but rather by a coach," Pereira wrote. "And I was so angry, I called the league office about it."

Pereira breaks down the situation, calls it "totally unacceptable" (he's right) and then points out that he doesn't care if people think he's a whistleblower.

"I still felt that the league needed to know about it and that's why I called," Pereira wrote. "If you want to call me a whistleblower, then call me a whistleblower because I let the league office know about it."

Naturally, people DID call him a whistleblower. And actually, because Fox keeps Pereira's mentions in the Twitter widget for his columns, you can see people doing it in real time.

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