Raiders' incredible fumble sequence shows why linemen should never carry the ball

Offensive linemen should never run with the football in their arms. If they ever find a loose football, they should simply fall onto it to retain possession. Running with the ball can only end in disaster.

On Sunday night, Raiders right tackle Marshall Newhouse learned that lesson the hard way. 

In the third quarter of their game against the Dolphins, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr tried to fire a pass on third-and-14. But before he released the football, Dolphins star defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh jarred the ball loose.

The ball rolled around until Newhouse scooped it up. He was more than 20 yards away from the first-down marker, but that didn't stop him. He headed for the line to gain full steam ahead. He didn't make it far, getting destroyed well short of the line of scrimmage and losing the football for a second Raiders fumble on the same play. 

This time, the Dolphins recovered the ball. 

So no, the play did not go well for Newhouse, who got beat by Suh and then got completely upended, turning completely horizontal in midair and spinning around like a helicopter rotor.

The good news for the Raiders? Their defense bailed out the offense and forced a quick punt. 

The good news for the Dolphins? Though Suh appeared to get hurt on the play, he returned to the field for the Dolphins' next defense series.

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