Raiders' relocation fee is reportedly far less than what Chargers, Rams paid

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The Oakland Raiders, if they get their way, will soon become the Las Vegas Raiders. The team has been working on securing financing for a stadium in Las Vegas, and when Bank of America stepped up after billionaire hotel magnate Sheldon Adelson dropped out, the Raiders moved closer to making the move a reality. 

But securing stadium financing isn’t the only hurdle when a team wants to move. You have to get the votes of 24 of the other 31 team owners, of course, and then there’s the matter of the relocation fee. According to a report from The MMQB’s Albert Breer, the Raiders’ fee is set to be far lower than those paid by the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers, who moved to L.A. from St. Louis and San Diego. 

The Raiders aren’t packing for Vegas yet, but there may be no stopping them now. The league has made workable one potential road block for owner Mark Davis’ team, setting a range of $325 million to $375 million for the franchise’s relocation fee, sources tell The MMQB. That’s relatively affordable compared to the $650 million the Rams and Chargers each paid to relocate to Los Angeles.

So, even if you take the high end of that reported fee range, the Raiders would only be paying about 58 percent as much to move to Vegas as the Rams and Chargers did to move to L.A. On the low end, they would pay exactly half. That’s a pretty decent break for Mark Davis. 

As CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reported, it’s now considered fait accompli that the Raiders’ move will be approved by the owners in a vote Monday. They have the backing of one of the most powerful owners in the league in Jerry Jones, they have a stadium deal and financing, and they appear to have the votes. “Mark will get the 24 votes he needs,” an executive told La Canfora. “If its going to a vote that’s because the votes are there. If my guy is going to vote for it, then this team is moving.”

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