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It's not often that the Baltimore Ravens blow a big lead, but that's exactly what happened on Monday night during their wild 33-27 overtime loss in Las Vegas

After jumping out to a 14-0 lead with just under nine minutes left to play in the second quarter, it looked like the Ravens were going to coast to a win, but then the improbable happened: The Raiders fought back to tie the game at 17 in the fourth quarter, which set up a dog fight down the stretch. 

One reason the Ravens' loss was so stunning is because it literally had never happened before under John Harbaugh. Since Harbaugh took over as Baltimore's coach in 2008, the Ravens had gone 81-0 in regular season games where they led by at least 14 points. Overall, the Ravens had won 98 straight games dating back to 2004 when holding a lead of 14 or more points in a game, according to ESPN

As a matter of fact, before Monday, the last time the Ravens blew a 14-point lead came all the way back in December 2004 when they lost to the Bengals 27-26 in a game where they had once held a 20-3 lead. The good news for the Ravens is that the gut-wrenching loss in 2004 didn't seem to have any impact on them the following week as they came out and beat the Giants. Not letting the sting of his loss linger will be especially important this year since Baltimore will be hosting the Chiefs in Week 2. 

As for Monday's loss, the blown lead wouldn't have happened if not for two uncharacteristic mistakes from Lamar Jackson. The Ravens quarterback, who only lost four fumbles during the ENTIRE 2020 season, lost two fumbles against the Raiders, including a fumble in overtime that set up Derek Carr's game-winning touchdown pass to Zay Jones

The win for the Raiders marked the first time in five years that they were able to overcome a deficit of at least 14 points to win a game. The last time it happened came in December 2016 when the Raiders overcame a 24-9 deficit against the Bills in a game they would win 38-24. The good news for the Raiders is that the 2016 season also happens to be the last time they made the playoffs. 

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