Raiders tight end says Jon Gruden is 'bringing out film from like 1976' to teach offense

Jon Gruden gets talked about a lot for being a hard-nosed, gritty, old-school coach. With that in mind, it only makes sense that his film is the same way.

Raiders tight end Jared Cook talked to Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal about Gruden and said that Gruden is showing film from "like 1976."

According to Gehlken, Cook added that some plays and schemes originated from the film Gruden was showing the team.

Cook added more on why Gruden was showing the tape, and used it as a springboard to talk about Gruden's knowledge.

"He has that knowledge, he's been watching football since he was a kid and he's been in the league since he was a kid," Cook told Vic Tafur of The Athletic. "Everything that you're seeing and everything he's teaching you is things from his background. Not only current background, but predates 1987 which is when I was born."

There may be scrutiny surrounding some of Gruden's eccentricities, including his apparent renunciation of analytics and his hope to bring the game back to 1998, but he still knows football. No matter how much he talked about pliability or turkey holes on Monday Night Football, his knowledge was never in question. The key will be applying that knowledge in the modern NFL as a coach that hasn't strolled the sidelines in a decade. 

With that being said, if it looks like the Raiders start running John Madden's playbooks, at least now we'll know why.

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