Rams and Richardson makes no sense

At a time when the running back position is being de-valued, the St. Louis Rams, who already have Steven Jackson, are said to be eying Alabama running back Trent Richardson.

Get with the times, guys.

Jeff Fisher has always been a run-heavy coach. But as the league moved to a more wide-open style of play, I thought Fisher would change. Then he hired Brian Schottenheimer to be his offensive coordinator, which shows his commitment to the run game, even with Sam Bradford at quarterback.

Now we get hints that the Rams would love to pick Richardson with the sixth overall pick. I don't think Richardson makes it that far, but that would be a good thing for the Rams.

Backs don't hold their value. Even special ones come and go.

A year ago at this time, the best backs in the NFL were Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster, Chris Johnson, Jamaal Charles and Maurice Jones-Drew.

Peterson and Charles tore ACLs. Johnson was a disappointment after getting a new contract. Foster missed three starts with injuries. Only Jones-Drew, who led the league in rushing, lived up to the billing.

Richardson is a real enigma in this draft. He might be the best overall player in terms of talent, but the running back value isn't there -- unless you are Jeff Fisher.

When I asked Fisher about the fullback position being phased out at the league meetings, he said not on his team. He said he'd have three if he could.

Fisher wants to run the ball. But with Bradford, the Rams have to build around the passing game. If they want to get a young runner to help start the transition away from Jackson, get one later in the draft.

Wasting a pick on Richardson high -- no matter how good he is -- makes no sense.

Just ask the New York Giants. They won a Super Bowl with the 32nd-ranked rushing attack in football.

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