The NFL's great Color Rush experiment of 2015 will come to an end on Thursday night when the Rams host the Buccaneers

For the final Color Rush game of the season, the Rams will be wearing an all-yellow uniform that doesn't exactly look flattering on some people, like Rams coach Jeff Fisher.

During his press conference on Wednesday, Fisher was asked about his team's all-yellow uniforms (technically "yellow gold," according to Nike) and let's just say he's glad that he's a football coach. 

"I said this to the team and I've oftentimes said this before, I'm just glad it's not baseball where I have to wear the uniform as well," Fisher said, via

Fisher might not be excited about the uniforms, but some of his players are. Take wide receiver Tavon Austin for instance.

Austin wore an all-gold uniform several times during his college career, so he's pumped to be wearing the same color in the NFL

"Yeah, definitely, we used to call it the gold rush back at West Virginia," Austin said. "It feels good to be fully back in the uniform I started in."

On the other hand, there's linebacker James Laurinaitis, who would've preferred to see the Rams wear their throwback white and blue uniforms.

"I just think we did it for Tavon," Laurinaitis said of the team's Color Rush uniforms. "I think we wanted to look like West Virginia for Tavon. I guess when you're a playmaker you get a lot of pull around here. I've been petitioning for blue and whites around here for a long time. I can't get blue and whites. Tavon comes here and they call it the West Virginia yellow or whatever."

Speaking of Austin, if he has a breakout game, credit the new uniforms. 

"You are so used to your old uniforms so when you put something else on, you want to look good in it, it definitely gives you a little juice," Austin said. "I didn’t have a say in this one but it worked into my favor. I look like I'm back in the WV gold and I just feel good playing in it once again."

As for Laurinaitis,  it's possible his Color Rush wish could come true next year. The Color Rush campaign is expected to continue in 2016. Every team that plays on Thursday night next year will have a new uniform combo for that specific game only.

The Cowboys went with an all-white Color Rush uniform in November, so it's possible the NFL could let the Rams do the same thing. 

The Rams will be hard to miss on Thursday night. (NFL/Nike)
The Rams will be hard to miss on Thursday night. (NFL/Nike)