Rams letting fans vote on whether beer will be served at training camp

Would you like some beer with your training camp? (USATSI)
Would you like some beer with your training camp? (USATSI)

The Rams can't decide if they're going to sell beer or not at training camp, so to help make that decision, the team has taken the logical next step: They're letting fans vote on it.

That's right, fans in St. Louis get to decide if the team sells beer at training camp.

If the poll's any indication, the Rams are popular with beer drinkers. Of the 143 people who have voted so far, 94 percent of them want the team to sell beer. Although technically, it's possible that one guy who really likes beer is just voting a lot. I would be friends with the guy.

It's also possible that every employee at the Anheuser-Busch factory in St. Louis was required to vote yes for beer. 

Anyway, if the Rams are in a really good mood this week, they'll also let their fans vote on beer prices. I would vote free. 

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