Rams owner complains that team doesn't have home-field advantage at L.A. Coliseum

One of the biggest upsets of Wild Card Weekend came on Saturday when the Falcons walked out of the Los Angeles Coliseum with a 26-13 win over the Rams

Although the Rams' theoretically had home-field advantage for the game, team owner Stan Kroenke didn't really see things that way. 

After the loss, Kroenke, who isn't exactly known for talking with the media, decided to do a quick interview with USA Today and during that conversation, the Rams owner said that his team doesn't really have any sort of home-field advantage at the L.A. Coliseum, where they'll be playing in both 2018 and 2019. 

"In two years we'll be in a new stadium, and I think we can have a true home-field advantage like a lot of the teams do. We don't really have it now," Kroenke said. 

When the Rams owner realized his comment could be taken as an insult by Rams fans, he quickly pointed out that the Coliseum is the reason the team doesn't have a home-field advantage, not the fans. 

"I shouldn't say that because the fans were great," Kroenke said. 

On one hand, Kroenke's right, the Coliseum definitely hasn't been a home-field advantage for the Rams. In two seasons at the venue, the Rams have gone just 4-12 at home, including Saturday's loss to the Falcons (they also had a "home" win over the Cardinals in London, but we're not counting that since it wasn't played at the Coliseum). 

On the other hand, if Kroenke has an issue with his team's home-field advantage, he should probably just keep this thoughts to himself because he's probably not going to get much sympathy from anyone around the NFL after moving his team from St. Louis to L.A. following the 2015 season. 

When the Rams' new stadium opens in 2020, Kroenke is hoping that his team will get the same kind of home-field advantage that the Vikings have gotten in their new stadium, which opened in 2016.

"Have you been up there? That is a true home-field advantage because it's so loud, it's packed, it's new," Kroenke said. 

Although the Rams knew they'd have to play in the Coliseum for at least three seasons when they decided to move to L.A., Kroenke still said it was an inadequate facility. 

"I know the fans embrace the team, and I go around this town and people talk to me about it," Kroenke said. "We're here. We don't have a good facility. It's the Coliseum. This place is cavernous. It'll swallow up 65,000, 70,000 people."

When the Rams announced their move to L.A. before the 2016 season, they thought they would be playing in their new stadium by 2019. However, due to a construction delay, the new stadium is now slated to open in time for the 2020 NFL season, which means no home-field advantage for the Rams for at least the next two seasons.

The delay also means the Chargers will be playing at the Stubhub Center thru the 2019 season. Besides the Rams and Chargers, the new $2.6 billion stadium in L.A. is already scheduled to host several huge events including Super Bowl LVI in February 2022, and the opening ceremonies of the 2028 Olympics

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