Randall Cobb: Brandon Meriweather 'played with an intent to hit'

Perhaps the biggest Monday controversy from Sunday's action action was a lack of suspension for Brandon Meriweather, even though the Redskins safety knocked Packers running back Eddie Lacey out with a concussion and then knocked himself out with one as well.

Green Bay wideout Randall Cobb, who had an up-close view of Meriweather's play, joined "ROME" on CBS Sports Network Monday and said the Redskins safety "played with an intent to hit."

"You know I can't really say speaking for other games. I know this game he played with an intent to hit," Cobb told Jim Rome. "I don't know if it was so much to try to take people out but he was playing to trying to make plays for his teams and it kind of cost one of our players and himself obviously. I think you have to really play with that edge but you have to be smart about the plays you make."

Now obviously most NFL players come with "an intent to hit," but the message from Cobb here is clear. Meriweather was attempting to cross the line, managed to do so and then eventually knocked himself out.

But the Redskins secondary wasn't the only issue against Green Bay. Robert Griffin III couldn't get going either, managing to complete six of 13 passes in the first half before cobbling together some respectable numbers in garbage time during the second half.

And Cobb thinks Griffin was "not quite himself" when he saw him out on the field.

"Not quite himself," Cobb said of RG3. "I don't think he was where he was last year. I think that goes a little bit too with their scheme -- I don't think they want him running as much."

Cobb also noted that RG3 clearly is being pocket-protected in 2013; the Redskins obviously prefer to have him not running and are changing their gameplan.

That's why they find themselves 0-2

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