Randy Moss: 'If RG3's knee holds up, straight 'Skins, homey'

Randy Moss is really high on Robert Griffin III and the Redskinxs. (USATSI)
Quarterback Robert Griffin III is one of the most important players in recent Redskins history. He helped lead the team to a division title and the playoffs as a rookie in 2012, and now he's working his way back into the lineup after suffering a knee injury last January.

Former NFL wide receiver Randy Moss, now making a living as an analyst for Fox Sports, understands what it means to have a great quarterback. He also has a way of distilling larger points into made-for-t-shirts sound bites.


"If RG3's knee holds up, straight 'Skins, homey."

This, of course, is a play on Moss once telling a reporter "Straight cash, homey." (It's a whole thing but you can read the backstory here.)

Moss, who will end up in the Hall of Fame one day, was a mercurial player, but he couldn't have been more affable and engaging on the Fox Sports set.

Here's what he had to say about the RG3-Mike Shanahan disagreement over when the quarterback could return to the field (via Sports Bog).

“You have to listen to the coach,” Moss said. “This is a business. What the younger guys don’t really understand, when you come into the league, football leaves you in college. I’ve said it time and time again: When you come to the NFL, it is a business. A professional, multi-billion dollar business. What these athletes have to understand is, we know, or we feel that we’re ready to come off a surgery or an injury, but the organization has to protect their investment.

“So basically what I think the Washington Redskins are doing is protecting their investment. Because I think that last play of the playoffs when he laid on the ground, didn’t get to the ball, as a football fan, that was just a bad sight to see. Now that he’s ready, I don’t think it’s a conflict, but I really think that Coach Shanahan’s looking out for the best interest of the team and the organization.”

Somewhere, Norv Turner and Brad Childress can't believe what they're hearing.

And thanks to Sports Bog for unearthing one of the best things you'll see today:

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