Randy Moss, Terrell Davis freaked out by Los Angeles earthquake

Terrell Davis experienced his first earthquake on Monday. (NFL.com)
Terrell Davis experienced his first earthquake on Monday. (NFL.com)

What do Randy Moss, Terrell Davis and Terrell Owens have in common besides being former NFL players? They were all in Los Angeles during Monday morning's earthquake and they all freaked out. 

Davis was on set at the NFL Network in Culver City, Calif., when the earthquake hit at 6:25 a.m. PT. The epicenter of the 4.4 earthquake was in Westwood, Calif., just five miles away from Culver City. In the photo at the top of the page, you can see the fear and shock on Davis' face. He wants to be anywhere but there. 

The NFL Network studio was a safe place compared to where Moss was. The former NFL wide receiver was in pretty much the last place anyone wants to be during an earthquake: 10 stories up in a tall building. 

Then there's T.O. We don't know exactly where in L.A. he was, but we do know he was looking for someone to cuddle with. 

Finally, we leave you with these two morning news anchors from KTLA. If you don't know what to when an earthquake hits, just watch this video, these two practically wrote the book on earthquake safety.  

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