NFL: Green Bay Packers at Kansas City Chiefs
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Believe it or not, we're now down to four teams in the NFL playoffs, which means only one weekend of football remains until we know who'll be squaring off in the Super Bowl. And to think, back in the summer, we were all wondering if football would even happen in 2020. Here we are, though, and the AFC and NFC Championship games are right around the corner.

What better way to ring in the next -- and final -- wave of playoff action before Super Sunday than by ranking the potential Super Bowl matchups? With the Bills, Buccaneers, Chiefs and Packers the only ones still standing, we've got four possible championship showdowns. Here's how we'd rank the potential title bouts:

4. Bills vs. Buccaneers

This would still be entertaining, which is a sign of a solid final four. But it also feels like the most likely of the bunch to get ugly. Buffalo is very capable of exploding offensively, as is Tampa Bay, but both teams have also won some sloppy affairs this year. Can't you just see it now, Tom Brady checking down to Leonard Fournette so as not to test Tre'Davious White downfield? Again, if this ends up happening, we'll still be front and center. But the alternatives are awfully enticing ...

3. Chiefs vs. Buccaneers

Ah yes, the old Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes rematch, a QB do-over of the 2018 AFC Championship, during which Brady's Patriots edged the Chiefs, who were still a year away from winning it all. We've all seen plenty of Brady in the Super Bowl already, which is why his Bucs won't rise above the No. 3 spot here, but you have to admit, the Old vs. New Guard ordeal would be pretty spicy. There's also a good chance Kansas City would dictate that the Bucs open it up offensively.

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2. Bills vs. Packers

You could make a sneaky case that this belongs at No. 1. Josh Allen is trying to win Buffalo its first-ever Super Bowl. Aaron Rodgers is trying to cap one of the best years of his career with a long-elusive second trophy. Set aside the fact this would also bring us one of the most balanced, diverse color schemes, and it just feels like an old-fashioned Super Bowl with new-school QB play. Pitting the wits of Sean McDermott against those of Matt LaFleur on the big stage would make for some gritty entertainment.

1. Chiefs vs. Packers

Too easy. The Bills are more intriguing because they're still playing for that first Lombardi, but if the Chiefs have Mahomes, they're must-watch material. Not to mention, this would be a rematch of Super Bowl I! A-Rod versus Mahomes? Andy Reid versus one of his old teams? This would be a fireworks show from start to finish, and we'd all be booking manicures on Monday morning because of the relentless nail-biting guaranteed by a fourth-quarter shootout.