Rapper Slim Thug wants Johnny Manziel as QB for the Texans

Is Johnny Manziel the savior in Houston?
Is Johnny Manziel the savior in Houston? (USATSI)

Matt Schaub is doing his best Jake Delhomme impersonation these days, which is not good for a Texans team that had the seventh-best odds at making the Super Bowl at the start of the season.


Hamburger purveyors are offering pick-6 burgers in his honor, and fans are torching his jersey.


I fear for his safety.


But alas, Texans fans, rapper and Houston advocate Slim Thugga has a solution: Johnny Manziel.


Manziel, as you already likely know, is the proud owner of a Heisman Trophy, has been at the center of scandal and moral discourse and is currently the 18th-most prolific passer in college football.


Will Texas A&M's redshirt sophomore save the day in Houston?


He just may.


Draft savant Rob Rang currently has the quarterback going to Houston, although that may change with a new mock draft coming out Tuesday.

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