Sunday's AFC Championship Game, airing only on CBS but streaming on CBS All Access, features the Chiefs, hosting the conference title game for the first time ever, against the Patriots, who will be playing in their eighth-straight conference title game. But that excellent matchup isn't the only draw, thanks to a confluence of wild weather events, including an "arctic blast" and a "super blood wolf moon." No we're not making either of those up. 

The "arctic blast'' never occured, but there definitely will be some kind of event, as there is an expected lunar eclipse going down during the AFC Championship Game.

Per our pals at CNET, the lunar eclipse is supposed to begin around 10:34 p.m. ET, which means around 9:34 p.m. local time in Kansas City -- a.k.a late in the fourth quarter of the AFC Championship Game -- the eclipse should begin. 

As noted on Reddit, via 247 Sports' Kirk Larrabee, North America and South America will get hammered with a lunar eclipse starting on the night of Jan. 20 on through the morning of Jan. 21.

So that's cool -- having a lunar eclipse happen in the late in the second half of the AFC Championship Game is just awesome. There will be gratuitous shots from CBS cameramen when we cut to commercial (as we should) and someone in the CBS music department will totally play "Total Eclipse of the Heart" as they bump to a break at some point (as they should). 

But here's the best part: the eclipse isn't just a normal eclipse. It's apparently called a "super blood wolf moon." Say it out loud: SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON. How freaking cool does THAT sound? Here's what a standard lunar eclipse looks like:

via NASA

The lunar eclipse that's coming Sunday is like the real-life version of the three wolves shirt except with super powers and, uh, blood. 

That eclipse draws the name for a couple of different reasons, per Accuweather. Super comes from this occurring during the first supermoon of 2019, meaning the moon just looks bigger than normal. Blood comes from the color of the moon (see: above) when the eclipse is happening, with the moon turning a crimson-ish color during at the height of the event.

And because this is happening in January, it's a Full Wolf Moon, which is apparently just the name for a full moon in January.

But add all that up and you get a SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON that might be happening at the same time as an ARCTIC BLAST bears down on the Patriots-Chiefs game. 

The arctic blast might actually make it difficult for anyone to see the eclipse in Kansas City because the cloud cover could potentially obfuscate the moon in the sky. 

This will be the first lunar eclipse fully visible across North America since 2010 and the last lunar eclipse we'll get until 2021. 

What does it all mean? We expected the Pats dynasty to end at some point, but no one though it would take a culmination of multiple massive weather events to wipe out Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Or maybe this is all a sign that Andy Reid is finally ready to win a Super Bowl