John Harbaugh has been the Baltimore Ravens head coach since 2008, and over that time has been able to connect with the city in many ways. Other than win football games, he also finds way to give back to the people of Baltimore, and did so on Tuesday night. While at dinner at Jimmy's Seafood Restaurant for a charity fundraiser, the 59-year-old took care of everyone's check at the restaurant.

He didn't say the total cost of the bill, but according to Baltimore's WJZ-TV, it was at the least $2,000. While Harbaugh got the credit for paying, he said his wife Ingrid is the one who came up with the gesture.

"It was 100 percent Ingrid's idea," Harbaugh told ESPN.

The restaurant's owner, John Minadakis, has been doing what he can to help Baltimore businesses during such a tough time. The restaurant has raised over $430,000 for the local bars and restaurants hit hardest during the coronavirus pandemic thanks to Minadakis' commitment to helping the community through hosting charity events.

The head coach acknowledged these efforts, saying, "John Minadakis is the hero for the fund he's doing for local businesses hit by the pandemic."

Harbaugh not only made it so no one at the restaurant was pulling out their own credit card at the end of the night, he also was personable and interacted with the fans who approached him. The popular coach took photos with many people at the restaurant.