If the Ravens decide to sign Colin Kaepernick, it's a decision that might not sit well with their fan base. 

According to NFL.com's Mike Silver, Ravens fans have spent the past 24 hours letting the team know that they don't want Kaepernick in Baltimore. 

The Ravens considered adding Kaepernick to the roster this week after it became clear that Joe Flacco would miss some time during training camp with a sore back. Instead of signing Kaepernick, the team decided to add arena quarterback David Olson to the roster. 

Although the Ravens passed on Kaepernick this time around, coach John Harbaugh did leave the door open for possibly making a move down the road with Kaepernick

"We're definitely going to get another arm in here, but he's not an arm, obviously," Harbaugh said of Kaepernick. "He's an accomplished football player, and we always like having good football players."

Basically, the Ravens only expect Flacco to miss about week with his back injury, and it sounds like they don't want to waste Kaepernick's time by bringing him in to be a camp arm for a week. However, if Flacco's injury turns out to be something more serious and keeps him out for multiple weeks, it sounds like Harbaugh will consider bringing in Kaepernick. 

The former 49ers quarterback has been a free agent since March when he opted out of his contract in San Francisco. Since then, Kaepernick has only visited one team (the Seahawks), which has led many to believe that the quarterback is being blackballed. 

If teams are afraid of fan backlash, the the reaction in Baltimore isn't going to help things. Fans also had a similar reaction in New York. Back in May, Giants co-owner John Mara said that fans in New York threatened to boycott his team if they decided to sign Kaepernick

If Flacco is out for an extended period, the Ravens are definitely going to need to do something, because, based on Friday, backup quarterback Ryan Mallett definitely doesn't seem to be the answer in Baltimore