Ravens photoshop logo onto Queen Elizabeth II's face, quickly delete creepy tweet

The Baltimore Ravens are London-bound for their Week 3 contest against the Jaguars, and they're so excited about the trip that they let their emotions get the best of them and erase their better judgment.

On Tuesday, the Ravens' official Twitter account thought photoshopping the team's logo -- including the red eye --  onto Queen Elizabeth II's face and tweeting it out was a good idea. 


The reason you're looking at a screenshot of that tweet is because the Ravens quickly realized their lapse in judgment and deleted the tweet. Shoutout to ESPN's Bill Barnwell for saving the day and getting a screenshot.

As the Baltimore Sun pointed out, "The United Kingdom's Advertising Standards Agency Committee of Advertising Practice Code advises that members of the British royal family 'should not be shown or mentioned in a marketing communication without their prior permission.'" And then there's the general creepiness factor. So, no, that tweet probably wasn't a great idea.

But hey, at least someone is excited about a football game featuring Joe Flacco and Blake Bortles. That someone is probably not Queen Elizabeth II -- at least not anymore.

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