The Steelers already have an immaculate reception in their history, so Sunday's 31-27 win over the Ravens might have to go in the books as "The Christmas Miracle."

With 14 seconds to play in the fourth quarter, and Pittsburgh trailing 27-24, Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown caught one of the most improbable touchdown passes that you'll ever see.

It wasn't the actual catch that was improbable though, it was what came next. Brown blew threw three Ravens defenders to score the game-winning touchdown with just nine seconds left.

Here's why Brown's reception might go down as one of the best touchdown catches in Steelers' history.

First, the Steelers had no timeouts when they ran the play, so if Brown had been tackled at the one-yard line, it's very likely that the game would've been over, and Baltimore would've won 27-24.

The fact that Brown didn't get tackled is where the "Christmas Miracle" part of this comes in. After catching the pass from Roethlisberger, Brown got rocked by three Ravens defenders at the one-yard line, and it didn't look there was any chance he was going to get in the end zone.

In the image below, Brown is so surrounded by Ravens' defenders that you can barely see him.

Antonio Brown somehow scored a TD on this play. NFL Network

The amazing thing about the image above is that C.J. Mosley is listed at 241 pounds, a full 60 pounds heavier than Brown, who's listed at 181.

Here's another angle of Brown getting crushed by three Baltimore defenders at the one-yard.

Antonio Brown's Christmas present to Pittsburgh was this touchdown. NFL Network

After the initial contact, Brown somehow wiggled by Baltimore's Eric Weddle, which gave him just enough room to stretch his arm out, putting the tip of the ball just over the plain of the goal line.

Antonio Brown had to stretch out every muscle in his arm to get this TD. NFL Network

That's a Steelers touchdown.

Even more amazing is the fact that Brown scored even though his head was practically being ripped off on the play.

No one from Baltimore got flagged on Antonio Brown's TD. USATSI

And let's not forget, if Brown gets stopped on the play, the game likely would've ended because the Steelers didn't have any timeouts left. At best, they might've stopped the clock with one second left and tried a field goal to force overtime, but that wasn't guaranteed. On an earlier spike during Pittsburgh's game-winning drive, 10 seconds ran off the clock between plays for the Steelers, so there was no guarantee that they would've been able to get a spike off in this situation.

In the end though, they didn't need the spike, and now, thanks to Brown's touchdown, the Steelers are champions of the AFC North and will host a wild-card playoff game in two weeks.

The miracle touchdown was Brown's only score of the game. The Steelers receiver caught 10 passes for 96 yards in the win. Roethlisberger finished 24 of 33 for 279 yards and three touchdowns, along with two interceptions.

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